Brand New Album Announcement.

Welcome to the new Official Website of Guitar Artist: Jordan Bracewell.

We are pleased to announce that due to the huge success of the first album “Life - Death - Fairytales” we’re now working on a 2nd CD release.

Inside details of the album wont be released just yet BUT you can follow on Twitter @jordanbracewell and keep updated via

Brand new merchandise has hit The Official Store™. Head over & check it out.  

Special thank you at this time goes out to, Pro-Am Music, Mind Control Productions, Andrew Schofield Photography, Richard Trigg Design, ESP Guitars, GHS Strings USA & to you the fans for the dedication & loyalty!

Standby as we’ll be bringing you even more news very soon including online features and event details for live appearances.


Exclusive Photography By Andrew Schofield © 2012.

Exclusive Photography By Andrew Schofield © 2012.

New Videos Coming Soon.

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